Short Courses for Coaches at the African Athletics Development Centre, University of Port Harcourt Sports Institute


  1. Developing Coaching Philosophy
  2. Communications and Media Relations
  3. Developing a Planned Approach to Coaching
  4. Developing Core Coaching Skills
  5. Developing Effective Coaching Methods
  6. Basic Sports Psychology
  7. Biomotor Abilities
  8. Anatomy
  9. Energy Systems
  10. Modular Basic Nutrition
  11. Modular Physiology
  12. Plyometric
  13. Strength and Conditioning 
  14. Factors Influencing Performance
  15. General Overview of Annual Program
  16. Preparation for Competition
  17. Management of Athletes Off-season
  18. Performance Outcomes in Competitions
Applications are invited from interested participants. Accommodation will be provided for the 1week duration of the course. 
Course materials will be provided. 
Course fee: N75,000 per participant 
Date in September to be decided.